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Meet The Artist

About Me

I am in my small, cramped and somewhat cluttered studio. Surrounded by pots and tubes of paint, brushes, sticks of charcoal, pastels, inks, old x-rays, canvasses and so much more. All this deliciousness! This is my favourite room in the house and my haven. I delight in spending as much time as possible here (much to the abandonment of anything resembling domestic duties).

Even as a child the urge to create was strong in me, but it was not until later adult life that I had the opportunity to pursue my art practice with the time and gusto it demands and deserves.

Entirely self-taught, the road has been, at times, fraught and difficult. An unswerving determination to produce something resembling good art has been my driver. Retiring from paid employment has enabled me to spend so much more time in the studio and I feel my work has evolved significantly over last few years.

2021 has been a particularly exciting year. Securing a fiercely contested Artist In Residence in March with Hilltop Arts followed by a solo exhibition in the beautiful Studio One started the year off well. Recently being invited to join Singulart Gallery's stable of artists has certainly been a highlight. Singulart is a French based online gallery and is recognized globally as on of the top ten platforms for artists to display their work. I have also had works accepted into Envision Gallery's (an American gallery based in New Mexico) virtual exhibitions twice. Beginning late October I have another solo exhibition running for three months in the gorgeous Kitabisa Gallery in Albury. A good year!


Creating is as important as breathing now and I find myself unable to be absent from the studio for more than a few days before I am lured back.  There is always an overwhelming need to feed my addiction!